There are a total of twenty (20) thirty second (:30) commercial spots available per broadcast.

Quantity: 1 - 25
$50 per spot

Quantity: 26 - 50
$40 per spot

Quantity: 51 +
$30 per spot

Show Sponsorships:
(includes (2) commercials and (3) on-air mentions)
$120 dollars for each sponsorship

On-Site - Live Broadcast:
(includes (5) commercials and (5) on-air mentions, contests and prizes)
$750 per show (Call for introductory Special)

Ad placement is based on availability, but our size allow us to be extremely flexible with regard to exactly when and how frequently your ads run.  We also prefer to work one-on-one with each advertiser in order to custom design an advertising package that works best for you.






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