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 Hire the company that eNovel uses for your own publicity agency to tout your book. The more you promote, the more you’ll sell. The more you sell, the higher your book will climb on our best-seller list. As your book moves up, sales will take on a life of their own.

Full color picture of your book cover plus copy you provide (35 words or less). $119 for 1000!

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 Promotional Postcards

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 6” X 4” Front is full color gloss picturing the cover of your book. Back is non-gloss white with copy in black ink. Cost: $209 for 500, $269 for 1000.

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 Reviewer Postcards

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 6” X 4”  Full color front, B/W back. We will produce postcards specifically for reviewers and will mail them to book reviewers at over 350 newspapers and magazines across the U.S.A. Your name will be given as the person to contact for a sample electronic review copy, or more information. $449. (Includes postage) 

 8.5”x11” full color  (1 side) flyers. You provide a cover image and information for sales copy and we’ll do the rest! $349 for 1000, $449 for 2500, $549 for 5000!

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Postcard mailing to Talk Show Producers

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 If you have a “how to” book, a topical nonfiction book, or even a work of fiction that conveys timely information that would make good talk show conversation, this may be the most effective promotion of all. We will send a 6” X 4” postcard with the cover of your book on one side in color and a pitch letter on the other to almost 1000 radio and TV talk show producers who have authors on their shows. Your interviews can be done by phone from anywhere. Your name and contact information will be given as the one to contact to set a time and date. Please note, whether or not you’re inundated with calls for interviews will depend on the appeal to talk show producers of your subject matter. $699. (Includes postage.)

 We will create and mail a news release and sample review of your book along with your press photo and book cover slick for reproduction to a targeted list of  localized and national book media. This will include publications such as Publisher’s Weekly, Booklist, Kirkus Reviews, and journals that specialize in your genre -- for example, the Romantic Times, or New Age Retailer. Your name and contact information will be given for those who want an electronic review copy.  Also included will be an extensive list of daily and weekly newspapers, radio stations and magazines in the geographical area where you live. Plus, you can also use our review and quote from it in your own promotional efforts. $599. (Includes postage)

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